Themed Special Offers – Lily’s Garden Graphic Design

About the Graphic work:

I’ve for over a year produced over one hundred Special Offer Graphics that were used for selling or giving away Boosters, Pets and Outfits for Lily’s Garden.

Work included:

  • Close cooperation with Creative Marketing Lead and Monetization Manager
  • Creation of templates for new offer formats (1 frame, 2 frame, 3 frame, frame+pet or outfit)
  • Brainstorming ideas for new themed offers
  • Requesting 3D renders of character poses from Lily’s Garden 3D artist
  • Tweaking of assets made by 2D and 3D artist
  • Working on layout of graphics, text, badge and boosters
  • Stylizing of header text
  • Rendering new assets for decoration when needed

Themed Special Offer examples:

Countdown till Halloween Special Offer Series:

Pet Offers:

Outfit Offers:

Level Celebration: