Themed Special Offers – Penny & Flo Graphic Design

About the Graphic work:

For a few months I worked on Special Offer Graphics for Penny & Flo together with UI artists and Creative Marketing Lead. The goal was to create the same type of offers as in Lily’s garden but also adapting it to the style of Penny & Flo. Later themed variations were produced too.

Work included:

  • Creation of Penny & Flo Special offer template – as in Lily’s Garden, but in Penny & Flo UI style, made by Lead UI artist
  • Brainstorming ideas for themed offer graphics
  • Tweaking of 2D characters to make them match theme (Characters are made by Character Artists)
  • Re-using 2D assets from Lily’s Garden and Penny & Flo, but also rendering new graphics for decoration when needed
  • Stylizing of header text

Penny & Flo Special Offer Template:

Themed Penny & Flo Special Offers: