Fortune Forest – The Endless Offer

About the project:

The intention with this project was to create our own take on the latest special offer trend in mobile games – “The Endless Offer” for Lily’s Garden. To make the style of the game, it has a jungle-forest theme and to make the offer feel even more playful I’ve together with a UI Designer worked on ‘move’ and ‘subtract’ Spine animations for each transitioning offer-frame.

The Endless Offer has been used as base for additional seasonal theming in Lily’s Garden.

Work included:

  • Teamwork between Product Manager, UI designer and Game-Designer
  • Graphic Design
  • Animation in Spine
  • Prototyping
  • Export and implementation

Final In-Game version of the Endless Offer:

Finalized Graphic Design (Mockup) for implementation:

Animating Map Icon: